As the American writer Mark Twain wrote “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”. Our mission is to help the youth widen his/her horizon in terms of a better perception of the world, a better self-confidence and better interaction with the others as well as developing a better cultural and a professional background. The best way of achieving that is through living and working in a country where English is spoken.Maltais one of them

The Organisation have the following objectives

  • Promotion of European pathways for work-linked training, including language learning;
  • Organization and management of cultural exchanges with European Union member countries and non  EU countries
  • Orientation and training courses, qualifying and re-qualifying courses, refresher courses for European a non European people;
  • Preparation for departure courses for transnational mobility projects;
  • Language and educational courses for trainees;
  • Job training courses
  • To promote and present the interests of the Organisation’s members to the notice of local administration and     authorities, international Organisations and other authorities;
  • To raise funds by means of subscription of members or otherwise for all the purposes and objectives of the Organisation in such amounts and in such manner as may be authorized by the Executive Committee;
  • To form part of any international Organisation/s whose aims are similar to that of the Organisation;
  • To encourage and promote research;
  • To do all that which is ancillary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.
  • Deal with job problems, favouring the encounter between supply and demand;
  • Encourage the knowledge of different cultures;
  • Promote intercultural exchanges
  • Make young people be aware of the importance of the solidarity culture;

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