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Training to Malta organsation focus on all types of training, including English language training. We offer internships in all areas of academic, vocational, industrial and manufacturing coupled with an extensive list of professional and International companies with whom we partner. Our organization arrange and manage work-placements, language courses, summer visit, but we are also open to working with individuals who would like to undertake a work experience in Malta. Our activities are backed up by the active participation of an international network of organizations. In the past few years, Training to Malta has gained a great deal of experience as hosting/intermediate partner to many European Training Institutions, Higher Education Institutions, Public Institutions, Small & Large Enterprises , in the  framework of Erasmus plus project.

   To all our participants in the framework of mobility project  we provide the following services:

Our participants will be allocated in shared apartments/houses on a self-catering basis.
Sharing an apartment with others is a great way to interact and make new friends. The Accommodation shared consist in, in double room, with single beds, one /two bathroom., livingroom, kitchen, fridge. Free Wi-Fi,   All apartments are based in St Julian the centre of Malta and they are based on unique place, in an good and tranquil area of Malta.
In this way the participants can learn new things about other cultures, make new friends and study together.

Catering possibilities: If contractually agreed, participants will be given an allowance to buy meals for themselves.


Work placements

Before the beginning of the practical work placement for the beneficiary in Malta, Training to Malta arranged a meeting between the Hosting Company tutor, the beneficiary and Training to Malta tutor in order to: Introduce the beneficiary to the new staff and the new working environment in which he/she will be placed; structure a definitive training plan, identifying a personal path to develop all the competences. Give information to the tutor to fill the final evaluation “Trainee assessment form”. The candidates were placed in a working environment which best suited the needs of the individual, and facilitated the acquisition of new professional skills specified in terms of knowledge, ability and professionalism. Training to Malta looked for each work placement according to the specifications of every candidate and his/her cultural and professional profile. If necessary, Training to Malta will arrange work placements to be changed in order to better suit the needs and wishes of each participant.

Language Training courses
English Language Course and Socio-Cultural Preparation:

The language course was organised to take account of the weaknesses of the beneficiaries in order to prepare them before the commencement of the placement. We believe that interactive language courses are of great benefit to the candidates, because they received a total of  fifteen hours per week (three a day) study in an environment, centred in the native language. The candidates were completely immersed in the language and culture of the host country and also enjoyed cultural visits.



Training to Malta organises regular meetings and individual discussions with participants in order to successfully monitor the progress of the programme, and solve any problems that may arise. The meetings are as follows:
-The opening introductory meeting.
-Follow-up meetings and individual discussions are held practically every day during
the first part of the programme – the language course.
-During the work placement period collective meetings are organized regularly.
-Individual discussions with participants for solving any problems are set up according
to participants’ needs.
-The final evaluation meeting takes place at the end of the participants’ stay in Malta
The fulfillment of the project’s objectives, and the participants’ professional and cultural experiences are discussed and evaluated. The participants are also given instructions for their departure the next day. Training to Malta has frequent contact with the responsible persons in all institutions, where the participants are placed. These procedures will be a great value for a correct monitoring of the beneficiaries and development of the programme.

Study visits/ Cultural visits and sport activities :
we organize technical visits in organisations, Enterprises or Schools for a broad range of fields, and cultural visit on the cultural attractive in the our city
Airport Transfer
Training to Malta will order a minibus for the transport of participants from the airport to their accommodation. The same procedure will apply for the participants’ departure.
We will provide assistance with arranging travel passes for public transportation.

Final Report – Certificate 
The participants receive three kinds of certificates. The first certificate is issued by the company where the work placement has been carried out, and includes details about the tasks  and responsibilities undertaken by the participant while on the placement. The second certificate is made out by the language department confirming the participant’s successful completion of the language course and also the Europass certificate

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